Body Nova innovative 3D modeling system will provide you with abilities to strengthen your aesthetic practice you have never experienced before! Opportunities given by our system include:

  • Operation planning. Body Nova system is a tool for accurate measurement of distance, tissue volume, and all the other physical characteristics of scanned body part. It gives possibility to work out the best approach to operation and minimize the risk of reoperation.
  • Patient consulting. Body Nova system allows patients to see what they will look like after operation. It is designed to increase productiveness of consultations where patients together with doctors form expectations. It is proven that it takes less time for a patient to decide on their future operation if they can see their prospective appearance. What is more, future operation results are for the first time available as stereoscopic images (3D video), which makes simulation even more natural and is expected to enhance  consult-to-surgery conversion rate even more, not to mention increasing positive review number.
  • Post-operational analysis. The system is a perfect tool for post-operational evaluation of results: for instance it can serve for scar evaluation and visualization in 3D. And last but not least, you can abandon your old 2D “before & after” shots: a spectacular video of two 3D models seen from various positions will persuade your future patients the best!

Our technology is already tested and being used by Russian plastic surgeons. We received only positive reviews from both doctors and patients.

The technology is already applied to the following operation kinds.

Breast augmentation

Features include measurement of parameters of chest and nipple-areola complex asymmetry. With these calculations make it easy for doctor to choose implants which suit particular cases best.


Calf augmentation

Body Nova system has ability to measure parameters of patients legs and perfectly simulate implant insertion.


Maxillofacial aesthetic operations

Body Nova system makes nose correction simulation possible.

Filler injection simulation is also available for lip augmentation

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