Breast Reconstruction

We present a new reliable tool for recovering from mastectomy with minimum visible change for patient’s body. Our 3D modeling program allows us to measure the exact parameters of patient’s breast which can help restore an amputated organ very close to the original one.

A patient can be scanned by Body Nova system either before getting a mastectomy or after it is done (it depends on her doctor’s directions). In first case we create an accurate and precise model of patient’s natural breast before it is amputated and accurately calculate all the physical characteristics of it. The purpose is to help surgeon plan the operation, visualize the future reconstructed breast and work out the best approach so that the reconstructed breast could be as close to the original one as possible.

If patient gets scanned after mastectomy, our software is used to measure natural sizes and distances of her body and the second breast to create a simulation for doctor’s operational planning. It is an essential tool to help surgeon create a proportional and symmetric new breast either with use of implants or tissue transfer.

The methods of reconstruction we work with are:

  • Implantation
  • Latissimus dorsi muscle flap
  • TRAM-flap

We simulate not only future breast parameters, but also the whole process of flap transfer. With Body Nova it becomes possible to see future donor body part change and possible scars. This makes our tool very useful for recovery monitoring. 

Breast reconstruction simulation

Latissimus dorsi muscle flap simulation 

Thanks to this new technology breast can be reconstructed to look precisely like it was before amputation. 3D modeling can minimize the risks and ensure the quality of the result. Models are illustrative and also help persuade patients the techniques are effective and thus increase conversions. What is probably even more important for patients, it can decrease high psychological stress which always follows mastectomy. It can literally bring back the natural shape of the body, and it can give patients a chance to enjoy their healthy lives with no limitations. 

Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery

It is known that maxillofacial reconstructive surgery is always a challenge because of the very complex structure of this body part. Body Nova system was designed specially for careful operation planning, pre- and post-operative examinations, wound healing monitoring, getting “before-after” shots, etc. It is not only about creating a highly detailed model of patient’s head and precise calculating of all the characteristics of objects. There are some features that make our system special. 

With this scanner you can create a complete 360° model of patient’s head. You can see it on screen from all possible angles and utilize for more comprehensive operation planning.

With our software you can combine exterior photo-based modeling with results of X-Ray computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging and superimpose these images. A combination of instruments helps develop a truly sophisticated approach to complex clinical cases.

You are welcome to help us verify that the system can be widely used for purposes of maxillofacial reconstructive surgery. Contact us through our web site if you are intrested in carrying out pilot research with our system. 

Also Body Nova system has a potential of maxillofacial prostheses designing instrument. We are working to adapt our technology to this kind of tasks. You are welcome to take part in maxillofacial prostheses pilot 3D modeling.

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